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You Have It Harder Than Anyone Else Out There...
You have chosen to play the toughest position in all of sport; you have chosen to carry that load on your shoulders. You are a special breed and you need the right training to get you where you want to be.
Let me ask you a couple questions:
How many forwards on your team?
How many D-men?
And how many GOALIES?
And how much practice time is devoted to making YOU a better goalie?
And who gets most of the blame when your team loses a close game?
That's right... the odds are stacked against you right from the start.
It is the toughest position to earn on a team (there's no fourth line goalie) and the position under the most scrutiny.  Even leagues like the NHL are trying to make it harder for you to succeed with talk of bigger nets and smaller equipment.

Shooters are getting smarter.  They are working with shooting coaches who understand the goaltending position and helping them to learn your weaknesses.  

You have to stay ahead of that curve.
So here's some great news for dedicated goalies...

These things will happen; hockey will continue to evolve to make it harder for the goalie which means athleticism will become even MORE important than it already is.

The big goalie who just stands somewhere near the right spot and has the puck bounce off him will become a thing of the past. Goalies will need to be the most athletic players on the ice. I actually saw Marc Andre-Fleury do a two pad stack this season and recover for the next save.

You will have to be athletic and fearless if you are going to succeed.

And THAT is where the Shutout Academy comes in
What Is It?
The Shutout Academy is where dedicated and motivated goalies go for the goalie specific training that helps them stop more pucks, steal more wins for their team and earn more shutouts.  You don't have to piece your training together from 'stuff you read on the internet', all the heavy lifting is done for you by Maria Mountain, MSc, an Exercise Physiologist who has specialized in training hockey goalies more than 13 years. 
Private Community
Where you can hang out with like minded motivated goalies to share your struggles and successes.  Maria is also on there almost every day to help you stay on track.
Monthly Training Modules
Nothing is held back, you get exactly what to do for flexibility, stability, strength, speed and stamina.  You don't have to find "extra" to do on your own.
Video Tutorials
Because so many of these goalie specific drills will be new to you and you want to make sure you are doing them right, there are video tutorials of each and every exercise.
Free Bonuses
You will get first access to interviews with NHL goalie coaches and access to member's only challenges and special reports covering topics like nutrition, mindset, warm-ups and more.
60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
The #1 reason people fail to see results is because they fail to do the training.  NO matter the reason, if you are not 100% satisfied, I will give you back your money.
How Can Results Be Guaranteed?
Because it works...
For goalies of different ages and different levels, you just have to follow the recipe.

“After using Maria's program I have had the smoothest transition from the gym onto the ice of my professional career. Her attention to detail of my specific needs elevated my strength and conditioning, eliminated a chronic injury and improved my flexibility."
NHL Goalie
Now Is Your Chance To Get Started For ONLY $1.
Here's how it works...
You can test drive the entire program for THIRTY DAYS (the day purchase counts as day one) for only $1.  If it's not for you or you don't actually take any action, you purchase the trial and look at some of the workouts, but you don't actually do anything, then just cancel your subscription before the end of your thirtieth day by emailing help[at}, let us know you would like to cancel your subscription and you are good.

If you actually do the training, you will see some differences even in the first week, you will be amazed and you will want to continue to see how much difference doing it for a month will make to your SV%, then you will want to continue to watch your GAA drop from month to month. 

You don't have to do anything, just continue with your Shutout Academy Membership and you will be billed $47USD each month until you decide you are so good at stopping pucks that you are making the other goalies in your league feel bad because they know they will never be able to steal your spot... then just cancel your subscription. 
**limited time offer
And now you will finally be able to execute the movements your goalie coach is trying to teach on the ice...
Mike Valley
NHL Goaltending Consultant
AXIS Talent Management

The missing ingredient for so many goalies is they lack the tools to perform on the ice.  They may know what to do, but cannot execute it with speed, balance and precision and that is where Maria’s off-ice training programs have been a game changer.  Her style of training not only develops a more efficient and consistent goalie, but also a durable one who can enjoy a long and productive career.

Justin Goldman
Founder, The Goalie Guild
"The more I get to know Maria as a professional and a friend, the more impressed I become with her work. Not only is she extremely effective with what she teaches her students, but also how she does it. This innate passion and teaching ability, combined with all of her programs, is an invaluable part of the goalie community.  She's a big reason why goalies around the world are stronger, smarter, and more aware of our bodies than ever before."
Join the Early Access List Here...
Just fill out the form below and I will put you on the list.
READ THIS:  You will be billed $1 USD today (day #1) and then you have 29 more days to check it out. If it's not right for you, then just email our customer support help[at] to cancel your subscription BEFORE the 30th day.  Most of you will love it and you don't have to do anything, you will be billed $47 USD per month until you choose to cancel your subscription.

If you have questions or need assistance simply email
help [at] and we will help you out :)